9 reasons to be a Mortgage Advisor at Barclays

By Barclays | January 3, 2019


Not sure what life is like as a Mortgage Advisor at Barclays? Here’s 9 reasons why you should join us.

1. You can be flexible
Work from anywhere you want: the branch, your home, or while sipping coffee at a cafe. We give our Mortgage Advisors the freedom to be comfortable and flexible when speaking to customers.

2. Take control of your time
Work the hours that are right for you, whether it’s getting in early and leaving early, or anything in between. Our management are supportive of different schedules.

3. Management supports you
Your managers support you: giving you space when things are running smoothly and helping you turn it around when things are challenging.

4. An amazing administrative team
Our fast turnaround times won’t keep your customers waiting on the result of their application.

5. State of the art signature technology
Paperwork wait times are history: we use a digital system to ensure your customers can add their signature to contracts digitally and on the go, even with their mobile phone! Meaning application time is massively cut down. You could speak to a customer at 9:30 am and have all their documents by 11:30 am.

6. Loyal customers
Because we make it easy for you to be at the top of your game, your customers will be coming back for years, as well as referring family and friends.

7. More than a bank
We want to give back to the community. So, if you want to get involved in charitable programmes, we’ll support you.

8. You get a buddy
From Day 1, you’re assigned a buddy to help you learn the ropes and offer advice throughout your career. When you join us as a Mortgage Advisor, you’re part of the family.

9. Make customer’s dreams come true
You’ll experience the joy of helping people take that next step and put a roof over their head, a life changing event where our customers can begin a new journey.

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