A New Dynamic

By Barclays | September 20, 2016

Balancing a career and family life can be challenging even in the best of times. That’s why at Barclays, we developed a smarter, more caring way to help our employees achieve this balance. We call it Dynamic Working. And it proved to be an amazing idea.

So, what does it mean? All Barclays’ employees, no matter how long they have been with us and whatever their role, age or gender, can request Dynamic Working. To put it simply, it empowers our people to better structure their work life, so that they have time for their families and other pursuits.

“It’s very important to balance seeing my little girl with my work. I always make sure I spend set times with my daughter and log on to my emails at other times, for example. Plus it’s great to connect with other mothers in senior roles within Barclays.” – Sarah-Jane Walker, Director of Customer Experience, Barclays

Dynamic Working gives employees a variety of options. Whether it be working remotely to avoid time-consuming commute, leaving early, working in the evenings or with colleagues in different time zones, the idea is to allow our people to have that extra time with those nearest and dearest to their hearts. Even managers at Barclays are entitled to it and have shared, that in their experience Dynamic Working has helped to build a greater level of trust within their team.

“Your career is impacted by what you deliver, not by where you deliver it from.” – Ian Rand, CEO Business Banking, Barclays

It’s a wide-spanning idea that goes beyond a daily or weekly routine. Thanks to it, employees can take blocks of time off. People often struggle with their working hours but won’t approach their managers because they don’t feel the situation is serious enough to ask for help. At Barclays, we want to give people the confidence and the support, and make sure they know that it’s okay to speak to their managers. Dynamic Working is there to help everyone – new mums and dads, parents who wish that they could spend more time with their children, people who have loved ones that need special care and even employees who want to have more time to pursue hobbies.

We believe that the happiness of our people is paramount to our success as a company. While Dynamic Working has its challenges, so far it has not only helped people with caring responsibilities but it has also empowered individuals of all life stages to have the time to study, volunteer, enjoy pastimes, train physically, and more.

“As I am fulfilled at my work, I know that makes me a good role model for my children and shows that a worklife balance is possible.” – Lee Lam, Chief of Staff, Application Services, Barclays

Dynamic Working can contribute to colleagues’ wellbeing and make both their personal and professional lives more effective. And what’s more we’ve made the process of applying as easy as possible. Our employees simply need to go to their line manager with their planned approach. That’s the way we build a better future and a truly inspiring working environment together.

“My kids have achieved so much. I can’t thank Barclays enough for allowing me to attend their games, support and coach them. When they grow up, they’ll remember I was around. That’s what motivates me – and I get better results because of it.” – Byron Diaz, Senior Tech Lead, Barclays

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