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Shanice Cameron-Richards
By Shanice Cameron-Richards | November 4, 2016

As a Leadership and Management Higher Apprentice, I’ve been given so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have found elsewhere.

Before I started at Barclays, I was studying for my A-levels in college. I felt that everyone around me expected me to aim for university, but after a while I decided that it wasn’t for me. Apprenticeships still weren’t widely advertised as an option for young people – they’re a lot more popular nowadays – but I did some research and I found this programme at Barclays.

Straight away, I thought it was perfect for me. I loved everything, from the Barclays Values and the hands-on learning, to the programme’s focus on financial and communication skills. It was all in line with what I wanted to do.

Leading the way

The people on my programme come from a range of age groups – we have 18-year olds right up to people in their mid-30s. Regardless of age or background, we all have roles inside the bank while studying for a degree at the same time. This means we’re constantly growing and there are always people around to guide us. It’s very different from traditional learning at school.

I’d say that Barclays is definitely leading the way with access to employment. Since starting, I’ve had lots of LinkedIn messages from people asking about the scheme, which just goes to show how popular this is set to become.

These apprenticeships are all about finding the future leaders of tomorrow – finding people like me, who might not have opportunities like this elsewhere, and nurturing them to become something truly great.

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