Adding a personal touch to digital

Daniel Eaton
By Daniel Eaton | July 14, 2015

The digital changes at Barclays have been extremely positive for some people and hard for others.  A few of our customers have really struggled with the changes, in particular the older generation. But a part of my role as a Community Banker and Digital Eagle is to turn those struggles into positive learning experiences.

At Barclays there’s always someone at the front door to welcome and direct you as soon as you walk in. The digital changes are just an addition to the great service we provide at Barclays and in my opinion aren’t taking anything away from the way our customers bank, instead they’re adding features customers can choose to use or not.

Community Bankers should be diverse, we have to understand that we’re dealing with a variety of customers and not all of them are going to jump straight onto a self-service machine.

One of the important things that Community Bankers have to do well is recognise their customers’ needs. It’s important to be able to empathise with everyone and understand each person’s point of view. I would never force someone to use something they didn’t want to, instead I advise customers on the different options available to them, let them know why we’ve made changes in the bank and remind them that we are always here to help.

As well as a Community Banker I am also a Digital Eagle. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to learn a lot before I took on the role. People seem to think that because I’m young I’m digital crazy, but that’s not necessarily the case. I love the way digital and online facilitates things, but at the same time I understand those customers that shy away from digital and prefer to stick to traditional methods of banking and buying.

I think it’s important for our customers to know that we are the same people who served them before the digital changes. We’re just stood up next to you instead of being sat down behind a glass. And surely that’s more personal than having to shout through a glass, if for example you’re a customer that’s hard of hearing.

We want to make sure all our customers are comfortable in our branches, and as well as digital changes we’ve rolled out a number for facilities for accessibility that are making our customers lives easier. Apply for a role as a Community Banker in your city and find out what they are.


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