From being self-employed to busy mum and Team Leader at Barclays

By Ruth | May 17, 2016

I was self-employed before joining Barclays and then I had a little boy, so I wanted to make a positive change. I was looking for a job that would offer me security and the kind of life-work balance I needed to have a career and also be a mum. That’s when I discovered Barclays would be a great fit for me. The main thing that attracted me to Barclays was the chance to work for a well-known company and the work-life balance they offered. I also thought the competitive salary was great, so that made the decision to join even easier.

I started off in Retail Telephony before joining the Lending specialist team and my current role is Team Leader. Ever since I first joined Barclays my managers have taken my career goals seriously and have offered me many development opportunities, sometimes approaching me directly with offers and suggestions for training courses.

In fact, it was during one my courses that my trainer noticed I would be a great fit in the Lending team and recommended me for the role. When I was approached by the manager, I was happy to accept.

The great thing about my job now is how much of it is powered by technology. We’re constantly updating systems and bringing in new things with benefits for both Barclays’ employees and our customers. Our focus on technology helps to make our job easier and the customers’ experience more enjoyable.

You get to experience why it’s so great to work here on a daily basis. In Lending you’re able to give customers the means to purchase a new car, or go on their dream holiday which gives me a huge amount of satisfaction. It’s fantastic knowing you’ve somehow made a positive impact on someone’s life through your job. Even in the most difficult circumstances you always try your hardest to offer customers the very best possible solution and you don’t quit until you find it.

What I’ve learned is that the kind of person who succeeds at Barclays is highly motivated, customer focused and comfortable in a fast-paced environment, dealing with a variety of different people and different queries.

Different people have different needs. That’s equally true of both Barclays’ customers and its people. For me, I’m happy in my current role. I’m mother to a four-year-old boy and am expecting my second child soon. This role offers me the perfect family – work balance. Barclays is a great place for working mums. It still offers a challenging and stimulating working environment, where you get a real sense of achievement from your work, without having to spend ridiculous hours away from home. Not only is the working environment fast-paced and exciting but my manager and colleagues are extremely supportive. I can honestly say I feel very happy here.

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