How Barclays helped me develop my career through training, support and guidance

Steve Tam
By Steve Tam | May 24, 2016

I came to Barclays by chance and I’ve been working here for nine years. I started off as a cashier and I’m currently a Business Manager in Corporate Banking. Being interested in finance, I had applied and been accepted for various universities when I happened to walk past a Barclays branch in Stockport as I was on my way home, saw a job vacancy in the window, applied for the position and got it.

It has been an exciting upwards career journey. When I started I didn’t have any banking experience. I did Business, Accountancy and Maths at College and before I joined Barclays I’d only had customer service experience working at a local supermarket part-time.

When my career took me to Business Banking I was offered the chance to do a Certificate in Business Banking and Conduct. From there I discovered there was a diploma available at the next level up and it’s something I’ve discussed with my manager.

When I was studying, I wanted to get my Business Banking certificate completed within six months as I had a child on the way. My line manager was very supportive of me taking study days. I ended up passing my studies in five months and gained a merit. When my child arrived not having the stress of my studies really made a positive difference to my life. Barclays really is about giving their employees that work/life balance to achieve what they want.

I’m looking to develop further within Barclays, improve my qualifications and invest in building on what I have already achieved. I want to eventually move into the Business Manager 5 role, or something more senior within the Business and Corporate Banking world.

What I’ve learned from working at Barclays is that there’s so much on offer in the way of qualifications, training courses and certificates and you’re always supported if you want to take this path. There’s also a wealth of knowledge to learn from your peers and rely on the more experienced colleagues to guide you through everything. Having only been in my current role since January 2016, I’m still in the development stages and continuously learning from those who have 15-plus years’ experience.

I personally think what you really need to succeed is commitment to your job, team and customers. That and a passion for technology. Looking back to nine years ago technology has really changed the way we work and shifted the culture. You now need to be able to educate clients on how to use it, which is a whole new set of skills. But this is why Barclays is so innovative. I think it’s brilliant. And it does set us apart from other banks on the high street.

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