How I moved from media to banking

Claire Edgar
By Claire Edgar | January 18, 2017

Coming from media

I joined Barclays in January, 2016. Before this my digital experience was in the media sector working for a broadcaster, a news publisher and an internet service provider but I was excited by the disruption in the financial services industry and Barclays’ reputation for innovation, so they were top of my list when I was looking for a new challenge.

Having experience outside of financial services is definitely a strength and brings with it different perspectives. It’s been exciting to learn about the banking sector but the principle of understanding your customer and their needs applies to whatever product you’re creating. Everyone interacts with a bank so it’s easy to relate to.

What I do as a Senior Product Manager

My role is really varied. Ultimately, it’s about understanding customers and creating or enhancing a product that fills their needs. I could be spending my time designing a new service, exploring new technology, writing requirements, liaising with technical architects – the list goes on!

We work closely with our design team to bring an idea to life, constantly looking for customer feedback to improve it. To build it we work with the technical teams, collaborating with the different parts of the business to realise both customer and business needs. Once it’s launched we measure its effectiveness, continuously looking for ways to improve the experience we offer.

A Product Manager needs to be an all-rounder. You’re the ideas generator, the collaborator, the requirements gatherer, the stakeholder manager, the boundary pusher, the commercial manager, the voice of the customer, the technology enthusiast, the delivery focused manager, the communicator, the… I’ll stop there!

Being part of Barclays

I’m really pleased to have joined Barclays. My role is really interesting and diverse but in addition to that I really value what Barclays does for its employees. It’s a company I’m proud to feel a part of. For example, Barclays has many forums, groups and networks that you can join. For example, there is a network within Barclays called the Spectrum network, which focuses on supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, anyone can join and the network has built up a number of ‘Spectrum Allies’.

I chose to join the Working Families group to connect with other working parents. I frequently get invited to join lunch time seminars. A recent one was about children’s nutrition and it gave me some great tips.

What’s also inspiring is that I see there’s a lot of work that’s been achieved around diversity, equal opportunity programmes and flexible working patterns. I work four days a week – giving me the balance I want between my family and professional life. Thinking about the support I’ve received in my new role, and how they’ve helped me pursue my career ambitions – at the same time as allowing me to look after my family – has shown me that Barclays is a company that genuinely cares about more than just the nine to five.

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