I’m a mother who runs my own business — and I work in a Barclays branch too

Cassy Childs
By Cassy Childs | April 5, 2016

This is my first job away from my children. But luckily, in my Barclays branch, I’m surrounded by working mothers. I’ve felt all along that if I have a need or a question it will be welcomed and understood by my colleagues. It’s really encouraging — I don’t feel like the odd one out, or that my career is not as important as somebody else’s. There is a bunch of working mothers who started in my position, in my branch, who are moving up in the company and still retaining their flexible work patterns too.

I recently started working at Barclays part-time. Leaving my children for the first time was quite a big step but everybody here was really supportive about it, so settling in was a breeze. Whether it is making a phone call to see if the kids were all right, or making sure I left on time to get to my childcare, they were all there for me.

As a Customer Advisor I’m the first port of call for customers; I’m the person you see as soon as you come into the branch. I help customers with all their servicing needs and set up moments with the Specialist Customer Advisors, identifying opportunities where customers can save money.

As well as working part-time with Barclays and looking after the children, I also run my own business. Right from the beginning, in my very first interview with Barclays, it was really heartening to know that the company fully supported that — it has never been a problem.

There’s no need to fret over bringing up your circumstances when interviewing with Barclays. All you have to do is be up front and address the issue straight away and they will always try to accommodate your needs, and will work hard to secure a flexible arrangement that suits you and the business.

When you get the job, just make sure that you do make the most of your time at home and enjoy being with your kids.

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