Making the most of a golden opportunity

Neil Seagrave
By Neil Seagrave | July 26, 2016

My main motivation for coming to work at Barclays was work/life balance. I’d previously worked in a retail management role. This meant long hours, working extra time – often at short notice; as well as being flexible to cover other stores. I wanted more structure, and the role at Barclays seem to offer exactly that.

I joined Barclays here in Poole as a Decision Maker in Package Bank Accounts about a year ago. I knew if I worked hard and proved myself, there’d be room to progress. I got my head down and got on with things, learned as much as possible and I’ve just been promoted to Subject Matter Expert. So they haven’t let me down!

I took to the role really quickly and got great feedback on what I was doing. As a Decision Maker, there’s a lot of process to get your head around. You pick up a new case, get a handle on the details; you might need to speak to a customer or review several sources of information; it’s all about data gathering. You need as much context and insight as possible to make the right decision. There’s a lot of diary management too. You have to be organised and able to juggle priorities.

On some occasions, a case may need to be escalated; complex cases involving vulnerable customers for instance. This might involve a conference call with Subject Matter Experts to get their input. There are lots of resources available to help me do my job and do it well. It’s just a matter of making the most of them.

There’s a big emphasis on stewardship here; taking ownership of a case from start to finish. This means the customer benefits from the continuity you bring and seeing the case through its stages is a good learning experience as well as being very satisfying.

Barclays has been the perfect choice for me. It’s given me the opportunities I’d hoped for and has the flexibility I was looking for. Before my recent promotion, I went for a Team Leader role. The job wasn’t quite right for me at the time, but it was a really positive experience, I got a lot out of it. My manager was really supportive and the feedback I was given has enabled me to identify areas I need to work on to help me be even more successful in my new role. That counts for a lot. I also know that, should my circumstances change, I now work for a company that would look at accommodating my needs. We have a single parents, students, and people with busy schedules that work here in the team. Barclays has allowed flexibility to fit in with each of their lifestyles which has showed me that they really care.

I always knew I was coming here with progression in mind. I also knew I’d have to prove myself in order to get on. Being able to count on the support of the people around me has been a huge plus. If you’re prepared to give it your all, the opportunities are there for the taking. I think I can look forward to a very bright future here.

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