Managing Barclay’s digital future

Sarah Randall
By Sarah Randall | March 9, 2017

Mapping out my future

I’ve been at Barclays for over two years now. I joined the business straight from university where I’d studied Geography. Starting out on the Tech and Innovation programme involving four rotations:  the first, user experience design; a spell with the Innovation team; then Digital products for Wealth customers and finally with the data team in Barclays Africa. Having completed the programme in August I have taken a role as a Digital Product Manager working on the Barclays digital channels focused on Barclaycard products.

What I’ve been doing

Working here is a bit like running a start-up. My product in the digital space is like my own little world. I look at the commercials and data from popular features to see how we can improve the customer journeys and their experience. Ultimately through digital we want to help make our customers banking lives easier and we are constantly making improvements to our digital channels to meet this goal.

The next step after identifying the problem is building out the solutions, communicating them to the business and always working with the customer to ensure we are delivering the best digital banking experience, that they want. As well keeping the customer at the heart of everything you do, building trust and maintaining strong relationships with both colleagues in the business and the technology teams is key to success in product management.  Having the ability to hone in on the small detail of screen design of a new journey in the app for one meeting and then swapping to the high-level strategy view of what is best for your product long term makes for a very varied day! I often feel like I am spinning multiple plates, knives and forks all in one go, but that’s what makes it great, there is rarely a dull moment!

What it’s like to work here

The culture within digital is it’s key to success. Everyone is very relaxed, really flexible and ready to help. Teamwork is the foundation on which we are built, we work well together – and that’s how we get the best results. We are encouraged to experiment any crazy new ways we think that could make customers lives easier, there’s so much scope for innovation and exploration.

The base of what we do is very much focused on putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes. How can we make their user experience more straightforward; where can we add value? As with all technology it’s an ongoing process of continuous improvement. We have to look beyond our four walls. Looking at not only what other banks are doing but all tech firms. What are the latest tends? What are customers engaging with? What new features can make our journeys slicker? How can we bring banking to customers in channels they use? Gone are the days where banks are just on the high street only available between set hours. We have to be on the front foot, that is what today’s customer expects and that is how we will keep our offer fresh.

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