Mapping out my own development with Barclays

Lee Worthington
By Lee Worthington | June 28, 2016

When I joined six years ago, I’d always seen Barclays as a desirable company to work for. Friends who’d worked here had also told me about the great benefits, social life, community involvement and flexible working. But I probably didn’t realise just how supportive Barclays would be in letting me grow and transition into different roles.

I started in Manchester in a Premier Banking Telephony-based role, before moving to our Liverpool branch for two years. I helped set up a new business area, building on my experience in Manchester, and I also became a Performance Coach. That was really rewarding – new people coming into the business often need guidance from team members and managers. As a Performance Coach I was there to help steer them in the right direction. The problem was, working in Liverpool meant a two-hour commute each way so I was pleased to get a role back in Preston, close to my home town and offering a much healthier work-life balance, where I’m an Essential Banker.

The great thing about Barclays is that you can make things happen for yourself. Everyone from the MD of a business downwards was very receptive of me wanting to move into a new area and there are lots of opportunities to help you do so. We have shadowing days where you get to spend a day in another area of the business which was a great way for me to move into my current role. I approached the Director of Premier Banking and asked for the chance to go to Preston, showcasing my talents and getting a feel for the role, while being under no illusions that there was an opening for me. The two weeks I spent doing that proved to be a win-win, for me and the branch, as I got to demonstrate my skills which were valuable to them as well as seeing how the branch operated and if it was the right fit for me.

If you have ambition, flexibility and the drive to work hard Barclays is a great place to grow and develop your career, as I’ve experienced over the past six years. My advice is: put your hand up, volunteer, show you can go beyond what’s expected of you. All these things will put you in a good position for success at Barclays.

I enjoy my current job and strive to be the best I can be, but I’ve always got an eye on the future. I like to own everything I can for the customer, but I recognise the value of tapping into my colleagues and getting their expert advice where needed. I know it’s about showing initiative and getting the right base of skills and experience, then working my way up. The opportunities to do that at Barclays are certainly there.