My first steps in Package Bank Accounts

Owen Wright
By Owen Wright | July 6, 2016

I first came to Barclays through an Apprenticeship scheme. To be perfectly honest, originally I wanted to work in a bank as a stepping stone to working in the financial industry but now I want to stay at Barclays and progress. Barclays is a great name, a great institution. All my family is with Barclays. When an opportunity like that comes along you don’t say no.

In the beginning my Apprenticeship was more about listening and learning about the overall decision making process but then I was assigned more work and that really helped put theory into practice. I was given the opportunity to join Package Bank Accounts (PBA) during that time and what attracted me to it was that each case you work on is so unique; it’s always different and interesting.

In PBA you have to listen and examine customers’ claims and explore all angles carefully in order to help them. Every week is different. For instance, you may not know until you get to work on Monday what you’ll be doing for the rest of the week. It’s just that dynamic! It’s definitely the place for someone who is excited by change and variation.

One thing that I found particularly interesting at the beginning was how you needed to be able to have a different perspective and approach to accounts, in particular when handling ones that a client has had for 10 years and have experienced their own change in circumstance over this time. Being analytical and thorough are important qualities in PBA because Barclays is committed to getting the best results for its customers and essentially it’s your job to make sure that happens. It’s a work culture that revolves around piloting new ideas. Something I didn’t expect but was pleasantly surprised by was how much of PBA is about thinking ahead, suggesting, and developing and trialing new methods of improving our customers’ experience.

Whether it’s a new methodology for looking at cases and asking ourselves new questions about customer behavior, or trialing new technology platforms, these changes are all introduced to make things easier, more straightforward and ultimately to help us get the right outcome for our customers. The best thing is that we have a voice when it comes to these new implementations and Barclays cares and listens to our opinions. One example that comes to mind is “Rate My Leader”. This gives us the opportunity to provide feedback on managers and give suggestions on how things could be improved and the best thing is that you really feel like your voice and opinion matter.

When I started I was astonished at how much support I got from the people I worked with. Everyone is really willing to help and the culture is very open. If you have a problem the process is usually: reach out to your team, if they can’t help, go to your Team Leader and if the problem requires someone who is an expert in the subject matter, you go to an online system which is a fast innovative way to get support.

I personally feel inspired by my role now and look forward to working hard and growing at Barclays. I’m still fairly new but I’m excited by the things we do at PBA. It can be challenging but the people I work with are amazing whatever I need I never feel lost or alone.


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