My journey to becoming a Canary Wharf Based Mortgages Advisor

Michaela Kosikova
By Michaela Kosikova | March 21, 2017

I first joined Barclays in January of 2010 as a cashier but quickly moved into a role within Personal Banking. After that I went into Mortgages where I now work as a Mortgage Advisor. I immediately felt right at home. My career progression has been great and I’ve felt both challenged and excited by the opportunities I’ve been given.

Buying your first home or any property means making some big decisions, not the least of which is how much you’re able to borrow and how you’re going to pay it back. I really feel that being part of what may well be a customer’s biggest financial decision makes my part in their journey a crucial one.

Barclays is committed to providing step-by-step support for its customers. I like that level of consideration towards people and it’s still probably my favorite thing about the work I do.

I’ve had a lot of support from Barclays, they’ve always been keen to support me and my development. I was happy that I was given time off from work to study, but what I found really great was that a lot of the people who were on  similar paths to me were also supported in this way. It meant that we could offer each other advice and help throughout the whole process, and were all in the same boat.

The business of a Mortgage Advisor 

On a day-to-day basis my job is to help customers, advising them and recommending products that best suit their individual needs and circumstances.

If a customer is unsure if they can afford to have a mortgage it’s my job to help evaluate their circumstance and find the right mortgage to meet their needs. That’s a real kick for me. Sometimes you get people who think that they could never afford to have a mortgage and when you manage to help them buy a home, the look on their faces or the sound of their voice over the phone is just amazing.

What makes my job easier is how supportive Barclays management is and how tech-driven our business is. From our Homeowner app, which can help people browse property databases, as well as calculate borrowing and moving costs to our quick and easy system for signing in and uploading documents, Barclays has gone above and beyond to make the task of getting people mortgages as easy as possible.

Being part of Barclays 

I’m really happy to be part of Barclays.  I work mainly in-branch at Canary Wharf but I do sometimes go out to Head Office and the change of pace keeps things dynamic.

My role is really interesting and not only that, I really appreciate what Barclays stands for.  I also feel that it’s a modern, but caring company in that it understands the needs of not just its customers but it’s employees. I feel not of a bigger picture but also part of the smaller mortgages family.

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