The road from Cashier to Premier Relationship Banker

Samantha England
By Samantha England | May 19, 2016

There are so many opportunities to take advantage of at Barclays. It’s a massive business. So whatever your strengths, skills or area of interest, there is bound to be an avenue for you to explore. You can count on plenty of help and support too. My manager really went out of his way to push my development and identify where I wanted my career to take me.

I started out as a Cashier back in January 2013 and trained on open counter operations. The dynamic of that role changed considerably during the three years I was in it. We went through a bit of a transformation in our branch with service counters. Our role titles changed to Essential Banker and we started to make much more use of digital channels to support customers on the frontline.

This in-branch experience was a valuable learning opportunity for me. I got exposure to lots of different aspects of the role – banking hall management, overseeing staffing, ensuring standards and procedures were adhered to. From a customer-facing point of view, I also saw to it that they received a service that was worthy of our high standards from the moment they walked through the door.

I put myself forward to take on the management of the banking hall as part of my development. All of our customers are important to us. It’s vital that this translates into their experience with us in branch – be they personal or business customers. I also took ownership of reviewing procedures and how these could be improved or streamlined.

During my one to ones with managers, they were keen to discuss where I saw my career going. So I thought about what I enjoyed most about my role and what I’d like to build on. I landed on the relationships we have with our customers; I enjoy the interaction and love being of help. After exploring various avenues; we decided taking a closer look at Premier banking – where we look after customers on a portfolio basis – would be good. I also mentioned going to shadow colleagues in one of our contact centres – effectively one of our virtual customer branch that deal with telephone and online queries.

After experiencing both operations, I decided that the contact centre was the path for me. It’s at the cutting-edge of digital technology. I love this and find it easy to get to grips with. It also allowed me to maintain customer contact but in a different way.

Over the next few months my manager helped me prepare. We identified what my strengths were and what I needed to work on. So when I got to interview, I’d be completely confident in my abilities. His insights were incredibly useful and, I’m happy to say, helped me secure my current role as a Direct Premier Relationship Banker.

Contact centres are very different. In a physical branch, you’re extremely busy all the time. Contact centres have a very modern lay out, which makes them feel more relaxed. We all sit together in ‘villages’ which makes for a very supportive environment; I’ve got a very solid network of colleagues around me. Plus, because there are lots of different departments under one roof, you get exposure to other parts of the business, other areas of expertise.

If you push yourself forward, the sky really is the limit here. For people already working here, I’d really recommend doing a discovery day in the area you’re interested in. They’re perfect for getting a feel for how that area works and asking questions of people already doing a role you’ve got your eye on.

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