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Our Gadbrook Park, Northwich Site

We have around 1,200 team members based in Northwich. We’re dedicated to bringing a customer-focused approach to every call and raising the bar in our own individual way.

We’re looking for people from all kinds of backgrounds to join us; people who can build relationships through empathy and get to the heart of the matter on a range of issues. It’s your approach and personality that matter most; the rest we can teach you. Our training is first-class and will equip you with everything you need for this role and for your future development.


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Digital Banking

Roles at Northwich

They’re all about customer service. But that isn’t to say every job here has that term in the title. For example, our Cash Management Executives are really Customer Service Advisors who are the first point of contact for clients. Our Business Relationship Managers focus on a portfolio of customers with small businesses, to help those grow.

Client Services Executives look after Business Banking clients, many of which are start-ups. And Onshore Specialists raise and manage incidents relating to our electronic banking products, providing excellent service every time. A few roles largely have internal customers, but service is still central to what they do.

Why not take a closer look to see what would suit you?

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