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Barclays wants people with engaging personalities, just like you

In every story there are characters that people warm to. What do they have above all else? Well, we think they have charming, charismatic personalities. And at Barclays, they’re valued members of the friendly teams who work in our Contact Centres, creating relationships with our customers and building trust through to their outstanding knowledge and professionalism. Does that sound like you? If so, then you’ll be the perfect fit for Barclays.

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Our Sunderland Contact Centre

Our Flagship site, Doxford Park, has two modern well-equipped buildings – ‘Tyne’ and ‘Wear’ house. Doxford Park is easily accessible – situated at the A19 / A690 interchange with buses reaching the heart of the business park.

We are home to many different departments: Outbound, Premier Banking, Central Telephony, Lending Specialist and Barclays Business Telephony.

With over 1,700 employees, Doxford Park offers many facilities including a discounted gym, the convenience of an ATM and even a Personal Banker who visits regularly to assist all employees with their banking.

There’s also an onsite restaurant and coffee bar, as well as a number of food outlets only two minutes away on foot.

Which role is right for me?

Customer Service Advisor

When you join our team as a Customer Service Advisor, the most important thing will be to understand the needs of our customers, putting yourself in their shoes, helping them find their way and creating an extraordinary experience. You’ll be a natural at getting to the bottom of any and every customer query to help solve their problems in the best way you can.

Helping our customers apply for products, loans and services from start to finish, you’ll be a valued ambassador for our brand. As a people person through and through, we’re confident you’ll hit the ground running but to give you all the support you need we’ll provide ongoing training, plus look to continuously develop your skills and maximise your potential.

What’s more, as someone who will get to know our customers better than anyone, we’ll look to you to give us the ideas and insight that could improve the experience of banking and help our business.

What do I need to become a Customer Service Advisor?

We’re looking for sociable people who can connect with and talk to anyone. We want people who have warmth and spark and take pride in helping make other’s lives just a bit better every day.

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Senior Customer Service Advisor

As a Senior Service Advisor you’ll bring a new layer of understanding to our team. Your natural ability to get to the heart of the most challenging enquiries will delight both our customers and your colleagues, making us the ‘Go-To’ bank for everyone.

Whether it’s buying that first car, wedding ring or first property, you’ll be there to support every decision and make sure they know that you’re there for them.

You’ll know better than anyone how to build trust with our customers and you’ll be the one that knows how to help them achieve their ambitions. Because you’ll connect with them and be there for them through thick and thin, you’ll be more than just the voice of Barclays. You’ll be the heart.

What do I need to become a Senior Customer Service Advisor?

As a Senior Customer Service Advisor at Barclays, you’ll be able to talk to a range of different people to help each one find the right products and services to make their day. What we’re looking for is great listeners who can ask the right questions and bring their personal touch to each interaction, making connections and effortlessly understanding people’s needs.

Being able to make these connections is something we want to make sure you’re rewarded for, so we’ll give you all the training and opportunities you need to progress.

See below for roles within our Sunderland Contact Centre, or click here to explore similar opportunities you might be interested in.

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