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Dreaming big at Barclays

Our customers and the world we live in are changing rapidly and we want to lead these changes rather than simply responding to them. We think creatively about new services, new products and new ways of delivering existing products and services from innovative payment systems to digital firsts in mobile banking.

And our collaborative approach means we can share knowledge, platforms, skills and responsibility like never before, and we’ve created an environment where ideas are encouraged, celebrated and brought to life. Ours is a banking environment where innovation is part of the everyday.

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Digital and Commercial Performance at Barclays

We want to be the leaders in digital banking, delivering the most intuitive and innovative solutions out there. That doesn’t just happen by responding quickly to changes in the marketplace; it happens by anticipating them. Essentially, we look to intelligently apply data to communicate with our customers in a way that’s well timed, relevant and personal.


We understand how important digital skills and confidence are because we’re on a digital journey too. We are committed to using our insights, expertise and scale to help people feel more digitally confident, in any way we can.

Ashok Vaswani - CEO, Barclays UK

What could I do in the Digital and Commercial Performance team?


As part of our Digital and Commercial Performance team, you’ll create a revolutionary and intelligent multi-channel digital eco-system that will give all our customers a memorable experience every time they interact with us. You’ll work to understand their needs, deepen our relationships and positively influence their lives. With your vision and dedication, we’ll be able to offer a level of digital banking our device-loving customers never imagined possible.

To drive market-leading marketing campaigns, we’ve created seamless customer journeys. We identify the right channels to promote each product, and then monitor the role each channel plays in getting customers to use the app and make a purchase.

Imogen Holmes – Marketing Communications Manager


What do I need to work in the Digital and Commercial Performance team?


We’re looking for passionate people who are absolutely customer-obsessed and want to work with us to transform the banking industry as we know it. Most of all, we want people who celebrate great ideas and share our belief that anything can be achieved when talented people work together.

If you’re looking to shape the future of banking and create the digital solutions that make a real impact on people’s lives – and our business – join the new digital revolution at Barclays today.

Gantavya Sharma - Senior Product Manager

Hayley Bell - Digital Product Owner

Mehdi Doghri - Head of Value Added Products

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