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We’re building tomorrow’s bank together

The journey we’re on to help people move forward in their lives creates challenge and opportunity in equal measure. That’s why we believe strongly in making sure we have the right people in the right places doing the right things.

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You’ll have a natural empathy for situations and circumstances. You’ll be curious and committed to learning more all the time. You’ll value hard work, energy and passion and appreciate how every job here complements the other. You’ll feel personally connected to every customer and every colleague. Always aiming for perfection, you’ll be as forward-looking as we are.

Whatever your area of expertise, wherever you work in Barclays, you’ll have the same qualities that connect us all.

Join one of our teams, and we’ll support you, train you and develop you to provide the best possible experience, service and solution to our customers.

For the future of Barclays, you are the answer. Let’s go forward.

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