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Here at Barclays, a key part of our evolution is our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone’s value is recognised and every employee has the same opportunities to fulfil their career potential. This includes making sure we cater for anyone who benefits from a more flexible work-life balance.

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Dynamic Working

Our dynamic working programme has been set up to help Barclays colleagues achieve an optimal work/life balance. Arrangements we offer range from working at home and changing regular hours to taking career breaks. Our Dynamic Working initiatives support colleagues at all stages of their lives, helping them with parenthood, caring, further studies and hobbies.

Key Time Working

We have invested a lot in creating an ‘agile’ workforce, recruiting Key Time workers who have the ability to work flexibly to meet the needs of our customers, whilst benefiting from working hours that fit around their lifestyle.

Job Sharing

One available option is job sharing. This is an arrangement where typically two people are employed part-time to cover one full-time position. It’s suitable for a wide variety of people and particularly appeals to parents of young children, carers, and those who have other responsibilities in their lives where they need to carefully balance their working life and personal circumstances.

What are the benefits of job sharing?

• It offers a more flexible work-life balance
• It can help you maintain a sense of value and self-worth, enabling you to reach your potential in a role which may not usually be available on a part-time basis
• By working together with a job share colleague, you can offer the perfect mix of skills and the complementary strengths needed for the role
• And, by offering the flexibility to match different personal circumstances, we’ll always be able to attract and retain the best people

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